Roundabout and New Entrance Near Northwood High School Road in Pittsboro NC

The intersection in front of Northwood High School has been a very dangerous place for many years. Thankfully, a developer will soon be adding a roundabout to Northwood High School Road up towards the school, along with additional roads and one arterial road connecting to 15/501 which will run parallel with 64. The new road will be about 700 feet south of Northwood High School Road.

Just today, police responded to yet another accident at this dangerous intersection.

Hopefully the new road will be completed sometime in 2019 or 2020. Down Russet Run Road we already have the new Bojangle’s, the Chatham Park medical complex, new construction and, of course, Mosaic.

Northwood High School Road will also be getting a shopping center, park and apartment complex.

According to the Chatham Journal, “The Development site currently lies adjacent to the Pittsboro Town limits, and falls within the ETJ for the Town. The Developer, by submitting this application, states its intention to annex the Development into the Town of Pittsboro.”

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