Trimming Trees Before You Sell Your House in Chatham County NC

Step aside, front door! Your front yard may be your neighborhood’s most impressive piece of real estate. And while a fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to wow potential buyers, nothing can top a tidy lawn with well-trimmed trees when it comes to curb appeal.

Not everyone looks forward to pruning and shearing garden plants and trees, but the work is necessary if you want your home to look its best. Prune your shrubs in late fall or winter before producing new growth that won’t look as nice. If you are handy with a hedge trimmer, collect any small branches into piles so they can be burnt or just composted.

Note: We recently used Raleigh Tree Company (our of Apex) to have some trees trimmed back prior to selling a property here. Jesus Diaz did a great job. Read about their pruning services here.

1. Pruning Can Increase The Overall Value Of Your Home

If you plan to sell your home soon, keeping your trees and shrubs well-trimmed is essential. Homes with well-kept vegetation on their property are much more appealing to homebuyers than those with unruly gardens. A well-groomed yard can increase the overall value of your house by a considerable amount, which can result in you getting a more significant sum of money when you close the deal.

2. Don’t Undervalue Your Land

If you’re considering selling your home, it’s also important to realize that your land makes your home worth so much. The land is the part of a home that gets the most bump when it comes to resale value, and if you’re not trimming your trees and bushes regularly, you can undervalue that piece of property.

3. Your Yards Can Be A Good Measure Of Your Home’s Condition

Some buyers are not only looking for a house in good shape, but they also want to see how well-maintained it is. If you were in the process of selling your home and haven’t trimmed trees or bushes on your property, you might end up getting an offer from a buyer that corresponds with the price of your home.

4. You Can Reduce Your Utility Bills

Trees and bushes can help make your utility bills lower. Well-trimmed trees filter the air to remove dust, pollen, and harmful pesticides. Trees also protect your home from the cold and protect it from dangerous winds.

5. Trees And Shrubs Change How Your Home Looks From The Outside

When you cut back branches on trees and shrubs, they look more natural and less artificial. It improves your home’s curb appeal and makes it look more appealing to buyers.

6. You Can Increase The Security Of Your Home

Thinning trees and bushes can help your home look better and more secure, putting you at a competitive advantage over neighbors who are not taking care of their property. If a potential buyer is concerned that someone may have broken into your home, they’re more likely to be interested in buying it if you’ve taken measures to make sure it remains safe and secure.

7. You Should Prune Before You Sell

There are many reasons to prune your trees and bushes before you sell your home, but the most obvious is that you want to ensure they look their best. If you are a little afraid of pruning your garden because you don’t want to make any mistakes

8. Pruning Can Help Prevent Trees From Coming Too Close To Your House

Overgrown branches on trees and shrubs can grow past your home, making it difficult or impossible to hang clothes in the backyard or do much of anything outside. If you trim your trees regularly, you’ll be able to keep debris out of your yard and away from your home.

9. You Can Take Measures To Prevent Excessive Tree Damage

If you’ve been trimming your trees and bushes regularly, you’ll see that most damage is caused by the wind, falling leaves, or branches that overhang your house. When you ensure your branches are trimmed and growing straight up, they are less likely to damage your house or cause other problems with frequent storms.

10. You Can Protect Your Home From Pollution

If you have trees and bushes in your yard, it is essential to keep them healthy so they can take in any toxins that might leak from your home. To do this, you should regularly cut back trees and shrubs to prevent them from overgrowing.

11. You’ll Be Able To Use Some Of Your Yard For Storage And Gardening Space

If you don’t trim large trees and bushes regularly, you won’t be able to put anything on top of them.

When selling your house, this is one of the main things potential buyers will notice. Make sure you trim your trees and shrubs regularly to ensure they look their best and keep them healthy to prevent any damage.

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