Closed: Skyfly’s Guns By Gals in Pittsboro NC

I was walking into Food Lion today and noticed that Skyfly’s Guns by Gals was closed and mostly empty. Apparently, the business will be totally shut down January 31, 2019.

This wasn’t your average gun store. “Guns by Gals” primarily carried pistols for self defense and dolls.

I was able to find this on their Facebook page:

Dear SkyFlys Family,

We ended 2018 year with a bang. Mr. Hart, a 100 year old gentleman WWII veteran entrusted Rick to fix a take-home from WWII. We hosted him and his beautiful daughters to close the year with a bang. After months of searching for parts, Rick was able to return his muzzleloading ~200 year old pistol into service.

As we end this quiet year (fb removed many of my training videos; so I stopped posting much of anything), we again thank you for allowing us to be a part of your training and firearms journey. We have truly enjoyed being a part of your lives and seeing so many students become responsible and proficient shooters. 2018 will end our fourth year as your local eclectic gunstore where you can find something for everyone. We endeavored to make this a family friendly place where knowledge was shared in a relaxed atmosphere. After much discussion Rick and I made a difficult decision to close shop and focus on our family.

January will be our last month open; and our last month of teaching the spectrum of classes we offer. This week we will complete our annual inventory. We will remain open through January 31, 2019 and hope you will take advantage of the discounted sale of our existing inventory; all but a few items are for sale.

We humbly thank each and everyone who have visited, trusted, trained, shot and shopped this eclectic girl – local firearms store. Thank you to all the military, law enforcement; fire and first responders who allowed us to give back in a small way for all you have given us. For those who thought they would never embrace the love of shooting we are so grateful to have been witness to the transformation. We are much richer in spirit from all who have walked through our doors and have made us better in our hearts.

May God continue to bless you and your families and may he continue to bless and watch over our great country; for only in the United States of America could such a fabulous four years have been possible. God Bless America.

Kind Regards,
Kari and Rick Owens, Saint and SIGMET
The spirit of our beloved Sky, Blue and Storm

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