Fake News? Save The Trees Chatham Park Protest February 2019

I found a video online of the “Green Weenies” and the Chatham Park protest. After searching the web I was unable to determine if the organizers call themselves the “Green Weenies” or if the person who uploaded the video to YouTube was mocking them.

A flyer being passed around town in advance of the protest said that Chatham Park would be cutting down 100% of the trees in their development in some areas.

This appears to be some sort of fake news story. Of course, trees will be cut down in “some areas” such as where there will be roads, or where we have the new solar panels installed. In fact, Chatham Park will be extremely green, if not the greenest city in North Carolina.

100% of the trees will not be chopped down.

The video shows people holding signs which say “save the trees!” but it is unclear what the message is.

Chatham Park was approved years ago and nearly everyone is waiting for it to get here.

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